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Building a stronger sustainable future by contributing for decades experience of engineering, consulting & project management is in our DNA.


NPT - Not just another…

At NPT, we have made a choice. We do not want to be just another consulting company.
We cover specifically those technological areas where we have a deep understanding of the technological processes, markets, products and raw materials, challenges and possibilities and where we can provide full engineering solutions.

 You´ll get a fully dedicated know-how partner as your wingmate. We engineer recommendations!

The consultancy and project management portfolio of NPT covers the full baskets of candies needed for a successful project implementation, a sustainable improvement process, a solid engineering development and all kind of technical & commercial project management functions.

Project Definition / Pre-operational Activities
  • Plant Concept Studies

  • RFQ preparation

  • Tender Evaluation and Negotiations

  • Detailed OPEX definition

  • Detailed Project CAPEX estimations

  • Bankable Feasibility Studies

Project Execution
  • Project Management on behalf on behalf of the project sponsor

  • Basic Engineering Review

  • RFQ preparation non-process equipment and EPC portion

  • Liaison Office

  • Claim Management

  • Project Time Schedule Management incl. Critical Path Analysis


We are not clairvoyants.

You can say a lot about our consultants. They are dedicated. Ambitious. Human. And professional people, who have been through demanding engineering processes and projects many times before.But we are not clairvoyants or fortune-tellers. With the right processes, engineering and assessment tools, we can increase the likelihood of finding the most efficient concept and solution for each specific challenge by a in-deep engineering invistigation.That is a responsibility we take seriously and one we are very proud of.

NPT in partnership with its affiliated Engineering Team, is in position to serve the industry with more than 100 highly qualified engineers and draftsmen. Consequently, we can offer a Consulting Set-up which is unique in Europe.Using the most modern software tools the group is capable to execute basic and detail engineering including overall layout engineering of complete plants in 3D and 2D.  

Sustainable upfront engineering is crucial and highly feasible for greenfield projects as well as for brownfield / revamping projects. The following picture indicates the risk minimizing impact to project execution when all technical issues are considered and streamlined in the pre-project resp. at the beginning of a major investment project.


Overall Plant Engineering (BE, DE)
  • Beneficiation Plants

  • Pelletizing Plants

  • DR Plants

  • Electric Steel Making plants

  • Complete Mini Mill

  • Long Product Casting

  • Long Product Rolling

  • Integration Facilities (WTP, CAP, Cranes, FTP, etc.)

Equipment Engineering
  • Electric Arc Furnace (new & revamping)

  • Secondary Metallurgy (Ladle Furnaces, VD/VOD, RH)

  • Special Steel Metallurgy

  • Long Product Casting

  • Long Product Rolling

Process Engineering
  • EAF process model

  • LF process model

  • VD/VOD/RH process model

  • SVC & Transformer calculation model

Typical 3D Engineering -View Caster Area
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering - Small Meltshop for Induction Furnaces
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering
Typical 3D Engineering - Small Meltshop for Induction Furnaces

“Utilize the full potential of your investment & assets!”

Steel Plant Logistic Simulation Model

It is of major importance to understand plant logistics at all stages of a project and operation. We can offer to simulate steel plant operation by specific modelling for greenfield, brownfield and operation improvement projects.

By simulating the complete steel plant logistics with all process interactions and transports/handling activities, we are in position to reliably test if the designed productivity for various production scenarios will be reached. Additionally, we can compare different layout alternatives and machine configuration concepts to further optimize them, so you get the best output from your investment!

Brownfield or expansion projects always include a risk that new equipment is not perfectly located or that the existing handling equipment (cranes, transfer cars, etc.) are limiting the performance of the new installation. Unforeseen bottlenecks and limitations in other areas can occur and can negatively influence the envisioned performance. Using upfront simulations can stress test the new configuration and can analyze second or third level consequences.

CFD Simulation Model

Using CFD simulation tools, we are able to analyze complex questions and problems involving fluid-fluid, fluid-solid or fluid-gas interaction. This results in a considerable reduction in cost and time for in new designs or proper understanding of process parameter. There is a possibility to analyze different problem whose experiments are very difficult, cost intensive and sometime even dangerous. The CFD modelling offer the capacity of studying system under conditions over its limits.

See simulations How it could look like


We are one of the leading players in global steel, metals & mining industry consulting and engineering field and have successfully executed projects covering multiple technological challenges, in almost all regions around the globe and at all stages of the value chain.


„Failing to plan
is planning to fail!”

We provide professional project management services to a number of clients worldwide. We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.


First we listen carefully – than we act!

NPT has a team of experts in steel plant operations with a specific focus on production ramp-up and process optimization resulting in measurable results (e.g. higher production, lower OPEX, less maintenance, etc.)
The team has decades of operational and start-up experience in meltshops, continuous casting machines and long product rolling mills.
Additional to the on-site services to help our client to optimize production targets, we can also provide spare parts, special engineering (e.g. roll pass design, guide drawings), automation and manufacturing inspection services.

On-Site Services

  • Plant performance improvement
  • Plant De-bottlenecking
  • Plant Start-up Supervision Services
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Equipment Manufacturing Inspection Services

Spare Part Services

  • Spare part re-engineering
  • Roller Guide Engineering
  • Roll Pass Design engineering
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