About Us

Tough times don’t last, tough teams do

The NPT team is working together since more than 20 years, passing all the good and bad times of the steel industry.
Today, we are one of the leading players in the global steel, metals & mining industry consulting and engineering having successfully executed projects covering multiple technological challenges, in almost all regions around the globe and at all stages of the value chain.

About us

International Network

In particular the core management and senior expert team is working together since more than 20 years in key positions at Siemens VAI (today PRIMETALS), DANIELI and others.

The NPT team as set-up today has a track record of more than 100 major consultancy and engineering projects (see some major consultancy projects highlighted in selected projects) and has been involved in design & engineering of a significant number of Electric Arc Furnaces & Ladle Furnaces and complete Electric Steel Meltshops & Mini Mills around the globe.

Successful Projects
70 Mio+
ton/a of steel Projects

about us

Highest Engineering Standards

Via its Austria affiliated Engineering Group, a significant number of plants for electric steel making, secondary metallurgy and casting have been designed and executed worldwide for the steel industry including the supply of the same. This set-up of NPT AG is on position to execute projects on highest engineering standards without any compromises.

NPT’s knowhow is not limited to steel plants only. The project management capabilities and the FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) know-how has resulted in being appointed to manage also major projects in other fields, like a recent greenfield plant for the production on hypodermic syringes, vacuum blood set and infusion sets for example. See more


Comprensive Principles

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Logistic Support

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Credit Management

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Client Relationships

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Tracking Updates

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Founders & KEY Senior Experts

"Bigger isn’t better! Better is better…"

Our team has been around for more than 25 years in the steel business. During this time, we have gathered a pool of talented and committed people across our core region (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy). That makes us neither the biggest nor the smallest consulting company in the steel industry. In turn, we are among the most dedicated. And that is something you should be able to feel – no matter where you meet us.





Mr. Narholz is holding a university degree in Metallurgical Engineering / Energy & Business Administration Management of the Montan-University of Leoben and has 28 years of top management, consultancy, engineering & equipment manufacturing and operational experience at international corporations as well as has successfully operated its own start-up’s.

His positions actually held 

  • Partner at NPT AG (Switzerland)

Positions previously held:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) NORIC Swiss GmbH/Switzerland
  • Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) AGSI (Arabian Gulf Steel Industries) / UAE
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Member of the Managing Board DANIELI Group/ Italy
  • Executive Vice President DANIELI Centro Met/Italy & Managing Director of DANIELI Swiss GmbH/Switzerland
  • Managing Director and Partner VWN Steel Solutions GmbH/Switzerland 
  • Senior Vice President Sales Siemens VAI Metals/Germany
  • Product & Project Manager Mini Mill VOEST Alpine Industrieanlagenbau GmbH/ Austria 

An important focus of the professional work has been given to the Management of multicultural teams and state-of-the-art business processes as well as the establishment of new technologies for conversion cost reduction globally.




Co-Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Pasinato is holding a university degree in industrial engineering from the University of Udine (Italy). He has multiple years of experience in various fields and with different positions, with more than 15 years in the steel making and rolling mills. His dedication as process engineer, erection and commissioning manager on site made him a well-recognized expert at many steel making companies worldwide. His hands-on knowledge he also transferred in the development of models for process simulation in primary and secondary metallurgy, feasibility studies, etc. 

Additionally, Mr. Pasinato has 6 years of experience as service manager in the stone processing field, which provide to him also a cross-border learning curve.

Summarizing his main professional activities leads to the following comprehensive list of activities:

  • VP Process Engineering NORIC Swiss GmbH
  • Director Process Engineering / Commissioning of steel plants DANIELI Centro Met
  • Head of After Sales Department BRETON
  • Lead Process Engineer SIEMENS VAI (today PRIMETALS)

Joachim DE’SOUZA


Joachim DE’SOUZA

Senior Expert – DRI/HBI Plants and EAF Steel Making

Mr. D’Souza is one of the international most recognized expert in DRI/HBI Plant operation. With over 45 years of professional experience in core sectors as Steel especially with DRI and Scrap melting Meltshops, with proven multifarious capabilities in engineering, planning, project execution, development of an effective asset maintenance management system & implementing.

He has served in senior leadership roles in India, Qatar Steel and Sulb Steel, Bahrain – all leading DRI plant operating companies. In his role as Consultant to various Steel Plants in Middle East, South America and Europe he was leading improvement and greenfield projects.

Worked in his role as Senior Expert for the 2 years in various Steel plants in South America & Iran.

His further roles covered

(1) Acting CEO & General Manager of SULB Steel Company, Kingdom of Bahrain, producing 1 Million tons of Medium and Heavy Sections through Palletization (11 Million tons capacity), Direct reduction plant of 1.5 Million Capacity from Midrex Module, single Electric Arc Furnace of 125 tons tapping weight, Continuous casting Machine and 2 Heavy Section and Medium Section Rolling Mills.

(2) General Manager Meltshop and Advisor to the Board at Qatar Steel Company, Qatar (Nov 1977 to Dec 2015), with 38 years in DRI production and DRI melting EAFs (Steel Meltshops) in Qatar Steel Company.




Chief Technical Advisor NPT – Complete projects

Mr. Villemin is holding a university degree in Electrical Engineering and is covering management positions over the past 40 years, with a specific focus in steel production and operation costs improvement, include 

  • CEO Danieli Corporation in Pittsburgh/USA, 
  • Managing Director of Danieli Swiss GmbH (in parallel to the listed positions in Danieli group), 
  • Managing Director and Partner VWN Steel Solutions GmbH/Switzerland, 
  • Senior Vice President Technique Siemens VAI Metals Germany (former VAI FUCHS), 
  • CEO and Technical Director FUCHS Inc., United States of America 
  • General Manager and Steel Plant Manager of the Steel Plant and Rolling Mill at SAM Montereau / France (today member of RIVA Group). 

His tasks covered successful and cost driven operation of a steel plant, design know-how for meltshop equipment and management of multimillion dollar projects.

Giampiero GRANDI


Giampiero GRANDI

Senior Expert – Seamless & Welded Pipe Production, Rolling Mills

Giampiero Grandi holds a university diploma in Mechanical Engineering of the well-known IT IS (Instituto Tecnico Industriale) of Milano / Italy. 

He has served all his career multi-national and multi-cultural companies mainly on top management position and dealing with international projects world-wide. One if the strengths developed is the flexibility and capability to adapt to different context and to manage the multiple tasks of management positions and within global projects.

His positions held of the last 4 decades included (1) Vice-President of Danieli W&K, (2) Chief Contracting Officer for Danieli Centro Tube and Danieli Breda, (3) Project Director and EVP of Danieli Centro Tube, (4) General Manager SMS INNSE S.p.A., (5) Sales Manager for Seamless Pipe Mills at DEMAG ITALIMPIANTI as well as (6) Plant Operation and Start-up Experts for INNSE INNOCENTI SANTEUSTACCHIO S.p.A.

Mr. Grandi has spent his professional life in the design, engineering, operation and commissioning of seamless pipe and welded pipe mills and has broad knowledge on projects in this field from the first project idea till the successful commissioning of plants.




Senior Expert Material Handling Systems

Mr. Ristovitch is working in the field of Material Handling Systems since 1984.

Since that time, he has executed and serves more than 200 projects in the Iron & Steel Industry as well as in other industries utilizing material conveying systems.

Either as Senior Expert for specific projects or via the set-up of RCE in Luenen / Germany, he is working with the management team of NPT AG since more than 15 years now.

He is also working as special advisor to Flexowell and Küttner in Essen / Germany since more than 20 year till date. RCE (founded and owned by Mr. Ristovitch in 1995) as affiliated company to NPT is one of the leading expert companies in the field of the design with regards to Alloy & Additive Systems as well as HBI/DRI and other bulk material conveying systems.




Senior Expert – Steel Making, Process Engineering, Long Product Rolling Mills

Bruno Bombardelli recently joint the expert team of NPT AG and is contributing with more than 40 years of experience in EAF steel making, casting, secondary metallurgy and long product rolling processes.

He has worked in various regions and with a number of international leading steel producers. He also gained significant rolling mill know when working as metallurgist and commissioning engineer for DANIELI & C.

Of more than 3 decades he served various operational positions at (1) Acciaierie di Bolzano – Italy, (2) Perwaja Steel – Malaysia, (3) Acciaierie Venete – Italy, (4) BSI – Thailand, (5) MSW – Malaysia, (6) YAZD – Iran, (7) ARCOSTEEL – EGYPT, (8) SSB Malaysia (9) Donalam (Beltrame Group)– Romania.

He is specialized in analysing steel amking and rolling process and to contrinbute to a sustainable improvement process in terms of operation.

He holds 2 Patents and has done multiple publications with regards to process improvments throughout the complete process route of long product mini mills.




Senior Expert Continuous Casting Technologies (long and flat)

Mr. Kohl is reinforcing NPT’s competences in continuous casting technologies in terms of design and operations. He graduated in Metallurgy from the Montan University in Leoben. His complete business career Mr. Kohl has spent in the field of continuous casting. He is now working since 1975 on the design, operation and improvement of slab casters, bloom and billet caster around the globe and extensive experience.  

His experiences include

(1) 1975 – 2015 he worked in various positions for CONCAST AG (SMS Group) in Zurich. Since 1990 he served the company as Executive Board Member of SMS Concast AG.

      His main tasks have been related to:

  • Commissioning of > 70 CCM incl. slab caster, billet/ bloom casters and near net shape casters.
  • Continuous technological development of CCM technologies
  • Technological process for complete meltshops (EAF, SecMet, CCM)

(2) 2015 – date: He is today providing his know-how as global recognized CCM expert and in this role is also part of the NPT AG senior expert team.




Senior Expert – Supply Chain and Strategic Developments

Eric has 41 years of experience in mining and steel industry.

He has a strong track record in steel industry , process and business, projects and operations management, senior executive technical roles.

Eric is having a strong international experience through a diversified set of heavy industry groups background

For the least 10 years, he focused on the first decarbonization steps for steel sector, designing green supply chain projects. With Eric the NPT team will follow the development of the complete supply chain for Carbon Free Steel production and optimization of the production route from A to Z.

Mr. Witse holds an Engineering Master Degree from the university of ENSEM Nancy. He started his career  Automation Project manger in 1981 at USINOR FRANCE, followed by covering top management positions at leading international entities:

1988 - SOLLAC FRANCE: Different operational management  positions

2001 - ARCELOR SPAIN: Group integration management

2005 - ARCELOR FRANCE: Production General manager

2011 - ARCELOR MITTAL Americas: USAChief technical officer

2015 - OYAK ERDEMIR Group: TurkeyChief technical officer

2017 - Gupta Family Group: UK, Australia Chief technical officer

2021 - SELF EMPLOYED: Eric Vitse Consulting

2022 - NPT AG, Switzerland: Senior Advisor Supply Chain




Senior Expert BOF Technologies

Mr. Trungardi is a Metallurgical Plant Building Expert with two decades of experience in the steel sector, in engineering, sales and order management as well as in project management of major CAPEX projects. He worked in various business environments (Italy, Austria, China, …) and has specialized his capabilities after long product rolling on converter technology. He will focus in NPT on projects in the BOF area and on the management functions of multi-discipline projects.  

His experiences include

(1) Sales manager, Trasteel International; Lugano Switzerland

(2) Commercial Director, Danieli; Udine, Italy

(3) Manager, Danieli; Linz, Austria

Danieli Austria for almost one decade has been the center of competence in Converter (BOF) Steel Making within the Danieli Group

(4) Area manager Cina, Danieli; China

(5) Supervisor and Project Manager, Danieli; Spain

(6) Technical Office for long product Rolling Mlls, Danieli; Udine, Italy

From Switzerland across the globe.